Numbers 28:16-31 (Passover, and the Unleavened Bread and Weeks Offerings)

Numbers 28:16-31
Passover, and the Unleavened Bread and Weeks Offerings

Today, we continue on with the offerings of the timed redemptive events found in the annual Hebrew calendar. As we have seen some of these events numerous times before, it might seem dull or even tedious to revisit them.

Passover has been mentioned again and again since it was first introduced in Exodus.Read the rest

Numbers 28:11-15 (The New Moon Offerings)

Numbers 28:11-15
The New Moon Offerings

When speaking of a right relationship with God, idolatry is one of the biggest problems that man faces. Man has found every possible thing in heaven and on earth to worship. We worship mountains, we worship forests, we worship stars, and we worship women or men.Read the rest

Numbers 28:1-10 (The Daily and Sabbath Day Offerings)

Numbers 28:1-10
The Daily and Sabbath Day Offerings

I’m going to be honest Charlie and admit that coming to this chapter made me go kind of “huuuuuh.” We have gone through sacrifices and offerings in Exodus, in Leviticus (well, a few in Leviticus), and then more in Numbers.

I wasn’t so winded by the thought of more offerings, but by the thought that there would be nothing new – or at least refreshing – as a reminder, that would keep me plugging along at a steady pace as I researched and typed.Read the rest

Numbers 27:12-23 (The Inauguration of Joshua)

Numbers 27:12-23
The Inauguration of Joshua

The passage today deals with two different subjects. The first is that of Moses being told that his life is coming to an end, and a reminder of the reason for that. The second is that of the inauguration of Joshua to succeed Moses.

Despite these being recorded now, there is still quite a bit more to go in Numbers, and there is another book, Deuteronomy, coming from Moses as well.Read the rest

Numbers 27:1-11 (The Daughters of Zelophehad)

Numbers 27:1-11
The Daughters of Zelophehad

With only 1189 chapters in the Bible, and many of them a page or less in length, some a lot less, one surely must wonder when cursorily reading the Bible why a lot of space often seems taken up by things which could be shortened or restated in a way which would take up a lot less space.Read the rest

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