Numbers 3:14-39 (A Sign in the Wilderness)

Numbers 3:14-39
A Sign in the Wilderness

There are a whole heap of verses today, but they will go quickly. It’s the poem at the end that may take us a while to get through. But even that won’t take too long, believe me… my words are true.

I know the verses from the past two chapters, and so far in this one, are not easy to sit and read.Read the rest

Numbers 3:1-13 (The Levites Shall Be Mine)

Numbers 3:1-13
The Levites Shall be Mine

In this world, things need to be done. And there is always something to do. Having spent 20+ years in wastewater treatment, I can assure you that there is no time, ever, that we can let our attention to treating that particular stream fall for even a moment.Read the rest

Numbers 2:1-34 (The Layout of the Tribes)

Numbers 2:1-34
The Layout of the Tribes

In the verses of this chapter, we see the tribe of Judah is said to be
“on the east side, toward the rising of the sun.” There is a debate what that means. Some scholars put Judah to the far east, and then the other tribes collocated with him to his west, closer to the sanctuary.
Read the rest

Numbers 1:20-54 (Men of War, Offense and Defense)

Numbers 1:2054
Men of War; Offense and Defense

Our sermon verses display to us a rather vast army. To think of over six hundred thousand men rising up and engaging an enemy is almost hard to imagine. That is actually about half the size of the active US military today.Read the rest

Numbers 1:1-19 (A Census in the Wilderness)

Numbers 1:1-19
A Census in the Wilderness

One of the reasons that scholars cite for the Lord directing Moses to take a census is to show that his promise to Abraham about multiplying his descendants was not forgotten, but was being fulfilled. Though it is true that the Lord made such a promise to Abraham, the census here isn’t necessary to show this.Read the rest

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