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40 – Leviticus 23:23-25 (The Feasts of the Lord, The Memorial of Acclamation) – Podcast Audio

Jan 14, 2018   //   by The Manager of Site   //   Leviticus (podcast), Podcast Files  //  2 Comments

A detailed analysis of these verses, including their literal, historical, pictorial, and prophetic meaning. Every detail of these three short verses ultimately points to the Person and work of Christ. Please enjoy this sermon, and we hope it will edify you and build you up.


  • WOW!! This totally blew me out of the saddle – so densely packed I will have to listen again and again. The teaching leaves me in complete AWE, yes, of our Savior and also God’s perfection in planning every utter detail of His Son coming to earth so we can be in relationship with the Father and be redeemed. Thank you, Charlie – this Christmas is richer than any one ever before for having listened. Merry Christmas.

    • Hallelujah! Thank you so much Olive!!

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